Thanks for visiting my site! My name is Thomas DeNardo and I'm a student at IU Bloomington. When I'm not studying, I'm a graphic designer, web developer, and an actor/model. With over 6 years of design experience, 4 years of programming experience, and 5 years of acting experience, I will provide professional and unique work no matter which skill you're after.



As a hobby, I've started to produce the music available below. You can see some more of my work (though there is very little) by clicking on the title of the track or my username, Tomba. Enjoy.


Designer, Developer, Actor

Thomas DeNardo is a Bloomington based graphic designer, web developer, and actor/model.

Some of my services include the following:

If you wish to see my résumé or contact me for my services, please see the CONTACT page


Recent Projects - Web Development

Here is a screenshot of a project that was done for a local restaurant and café called The Rail: Epicurean Market.

Art - Digital Painting and Photo Manipulations

In addition to graphic design and music production, I enjoy partaking in a number of other artistic mediums. To view my portfolio, click the PORTFOLIO tab at the top of the page!

I certify that the content included in this website is my own original work. - Thomas DeNardo